Securing Oracle ERP knowledge a challenge? 

Facing challenges because of employees leaving and taking with them specific knowledge?
You want to maintain and update your UPK content in a modern SaaS application?

A lot of organizations are facing challenges in securing Oracle ERP knowledge:

  • Creating content in a fast and efficient manner
  • Update, improve and extend content in a fast and efficient manner
  • Providing the content in different ways: document, interactive

Apps & Us and Epilogue can help you winning this challenge!

Apps & Us and partner Epilogue will tell you how to secure that knowledge during a free webinar.

Opus by Epilogue Systems – the leading digital adoption platform (DAP) automatically creates customizable documentation, training manuals, simulations, assessments and live in-application walkthroughs. Fully cloud-based, target application agnostic, and with a zero-learning curve for subject matter experts, Opus supports your end users with all pre- and post-go-live assets needed to ensure target application (Oracle, Custom, etc.) adoption.

Additionally, Opus is the only solution in the market to convert Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) at the ODARC level in bulk. All the content, embedded assets, links, etc., that reside in UPK is migrated in minutes and can be consumed by end users instantly, with no loss in business continuity.

For who?

Employees and managers of organizations using Oracle eBusiness Suite and Oracle Fusion, regardless of industry.

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