Lenno van Kleef

Director of Apps & DNVO

“Clients feel that we are really there for them, that we really want to help them Everyone at Apps & DNVO has that attitude, not just me. This makes me very proud.”

Apps & DNVO only works with Oracle. That is a conscious choice. Not just because it is the best choice for ERP (‘as you hear, I am biased’), but also because this helps us focus. Everyone who works here, breathes Oracle ERP. This is reflected in our tagline ‘Oracle ERPM People’. Our employees are experienced users, advisors and administrators.

How I came into contact with Oracle ERP

I first came into contact with Oracle ERP in 1995, at the time I worked as an administrator at NS Stations. I was asked to help with the selection of a contract management system. We eventually chose Oracle ERP. My employer suggested that I should become an application manager, because I was handy with computers. This made me the linking pin between administration and IT. And I loved it.

From the moment the Oracle consultant was only present for one day a week, I was forced to find out for myself how it all worked. Within no time, I became an expert and consultancy was no longer a necessity. 

The logical step next step for me was a career in consultancy. The firm was founded in 2002 together with a partner, we parted in 2015 and from that moment onward the company has been entirely mine. I am both the director and the sales manager. For new projects, I am the first contact person for clients. In addition, I regularly take care of complex improvement processes. Those are the areas where my strengths really lie.krachten.

Vision for Apps & DNVO

We are always working professionalizing our service, both internally and externally. Apart from our history in Oracle E-Business Suite, which will be relevant for many years to come, we are closely working together with Oracle on Oracle cloud implementations. Our cloud focus is mainly on ERP and EPM. In a couple of years we will probably expand our cloud services towards the areas of CX, Customer Experience. Customer satisfaction will always be our drive. 

“Customers experience our willingness, our will to help them. That willingness is not just mine, but goes for the rest of the team as well. It makes me really proud.”

Lenno van Kleef

Oracle Cloud ERP

What is obviously a nice development, is the shift to the cloud. There are already a number of renowned organisations that have made the switch, but in general there is still hesitation. We organise special workshops for these kinds of organisations: a cloud readiness workshop. On the one hand, we show the main features. On the other hand, we show what the impact for the organisation is and what we believe the best path is.

How can I help you?

Do you want to know what we can do for you? Or are you interested in our current projects? I will gladly tell you about it.

Please contact me via phone number  +31 (0) 318 255063 or use our contactform.

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