Apps & DNVO – Oracle ERPM specialists – and PLEUNZ – experts in optimizing and digitizing business processes – join forces to make digital employees for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud ERP available to organizations. “The future of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) offers many opportunities that we do not want to deny our customers,” says Lenno van Kleef, director of Apps & DNVO.

With the deployment of digital employees, human tasks are performed one-on-one, quickly and error-free by standard software. Today we focus primarily on tasks that are repetitive and that can be performed by the (digital) employees without cognitive judgement. But of course developments do not stagnate and in the future AI can be used to leave even more difficult choices to software.

Digital employees without major investments

Software for digitizing processes is not new, large organizations have been using specific custom applications for quite some time. However, PLEUNZ makes this software available ‘as a service’ for ERP users and SMEs and MKB+ without licensing and development costs. Thanks to PLEUNZ’s efforts, physical employees have more time to focus on more qualitative and challenging activities.

The added value of the collaboration

The structural cooperation between Apps & DNVO and PLEUNZ offers many opportunities. PLEUNZ provides knowledge of the software, infrastructure and technology around robotization, while Apps & DNVO has the expertise of Oracle ERP.

Marcel Dekker, director of PLEUNZ, about the cooperation: “With the knowledge of Lenno and his team we can serve a broad market and provide accessible, efficient and innovative solutions. Apps & DNVO knows which aspects are painful in an organization and its ERP applications. Our cooperation is based on adding value for the customer and is therefore very result-oriented”.

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