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This website uses cookies. A cookie is a simple file which is sent by this website when browsing its pages. This file gets saved on the harddrive of you device. It helps the website recognizing you as a returning visitor, when you visit us again.

When visiting our website for the first time, we show you a notification with explanation about the use of these cookies. In this notification you can select which cookies you will allow on your computer. If and when you use our website after that, we assume you do not object against the use of these cookies.

We have agreements with the companies that control the cookies. We do not have full control over these cookies or what these companies do with them. When you want to know more about their policy, please read their privacy declarations.

Different kinds of cookies:

On our website, we use the following analytics and functional cookies:

Name Goal Type Controlling party
Google Analytics Analysis _gad
Google / This website
CookieConsent Cookie-preferences https This website


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to analyse our web-traffic. To achieve this goal, we use cookies, enabling us insight in the use of our website. This information is saved on Googles servers in the United States. There is a 26 month retention on the data at Google.

The information is used by Google to provide us with reports about the use of the website. Our analytics-cookies have been set up in a privacy-friendly way. The IP-address is pseudonymised (by removing the last octet of the IP-address) before being send to Google. Furthermore, we have a data processing agreement with Google. Within this contract, Google is not allowed to share data with third parties or use it for its own benefits.

For more information, please read Googles privacy declaration, and the specific Google Analytics privacy declaration. Click here for more information about Googles opt-out.

Enabling and disabling cookies

Every browser can be configured in a manner in which it does not save cookies, unless you explicitly allow it. Manuals for this setup can be found at the supplier of your webbrowser. Please do know that a lot of websites will not function properly without cookies.

Retention cookies

In principal every cookie has fixed retention. After this time, the website will not be able to recognize you. However, you are able to delete cookies at any given time. Manuals for this can be found on the website of the supplier of your webbrowser.

Third-party websites

This cookie declaration only applies to our website. Third-party websites have their own privacy- and cookie declarations. We cannot guarantee third-parties handle your information safely. Please read the declarations on their websites to assure yourself of this.


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